Acid Etch Anodizing

Etching produces a clean, consistent matte finish to the aluminum similar to bead/sandblasting and is an environmentally friendly process.  It eliminates surface blemishes and defects such as shadow lines, flow lines, die lines, and light surface scratches. 

While the conventional method of anodizing uses aggressive caustic soda in its process to mask imperfections, acid etching actually uses a more environmentally friendly process.  Using fluoride based ions that alter the microstructure of the aluminum, the acid etching process virtually erases surface defects and leaves a clean, smooth matte finish. 

Acid Etching Anodizing Benefits: 

  • Provides a consistent smooth matte finish 
  • Reduces or eliminates surface defects, scratches and blemishes
  • Provides for better color uniformity
  • Environmentally friendly alternative to caustic etching
  • Meets AAMA 611 specification