Custom Racking

ProTech offers Custom Racking that can be designed to fit any size part you need.  We understand the importance of proper racking to achieve the finish quality you want and reduce part loss. Custom racking will improve the overall finish quality and ensure proper spacing for parts to prevent interactive processes that cause uneven coloring and white spots, especially on parts that have undergone an electrolytic coloring process.

Because we are a full service anodizing service,  we know that racking is one of the most important and most sensitive steps in the anodizing process.  Our expertise in every step of metal parts finishing enables us to customize rack designs that:

  • Optimize complete finish surface as specified 
  • Won’t trap solution between process tanks, 
  • Holds parts tight enough between different processes
  • Provide sufficient contact for enough currents to produce uniform oxide layer
  • Fully optimize production, coating thickness, and durability