Anodized Aluminum for Architectural Applications

Architects use ProTech Metal Anodizing products for a number of decorative, yet functional materials. It offers extensive choices of color and finishes and because of its durability, strength, and cost effectiveness, it is the perfect material to add a polished and  professional or unique look to any project. Its applications are virtually endless. 

Anodizing provides corrosion resistance and protects the surface of the aluminum from further oxidization. This creates a very hard and durable protective layer and provides better surface adhesion to accept paint primers or glue.  It can also be used for a multitude of decorative applications as the thick, porous oxide layer can absorb dyes more readily, creating an infinite number of colors.

Anodized Aluminum provides a cost- effective solution for architectural design professionals.

Strength and flexibility. Aluminum has a high strength-to-weight ratio that provides many advantages for architectural applications; including the ability to build lighter structures with more stability yet with more design flexibility. This can reduce overall costs by minimizing the spend on foundations and structural support elements. 

Lightweight. Anodized aluminum (0.339 lb/ sq ft) weighs 60 percent less than stainless steel (1.044 lb/sq ft), brass (1.180 lb/sq ft), and copper (1.180 lb/sq ft). It is safer to handle and saves cost in labor rates as it lessens the weight during fabrication and installation and reduces fuel costs in transportation. 

Resistant to Corrosion. One of the greatest advantages of using anodized aluminum in architectural applications is the resistance to corrosion.  

  • The aluminum oxide layer provides a hard, protective barrier that virtually self-renews as it will immediately form a thin, but effective protective oxide layer that prevents further oxidization or corrosion if scratched.
  • Anodized aluminum is resilient. It will not rust like steel, patina like copper and zinc, or weather like brass does. It is the perfect material to use in marine environments and coastal areas. Salt-water exposure will not corrode an anodized aluminum surface because of its neutral pH. 
  • It is the perfect material to use in general urban and industrial settings where pollutants will corrode other metals.  Pollutants such as carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide have no effect on an anodized aluminum surface.
  • A Wide Spectrum of Color Options. Anodized aluminum can be colored to match an infinite spectrum of colors. 
  • The oxide layer on anodized aluminum is porous and readily absorbs color using various coloring methods. As it is absorbed, the color will not chip, flake, or pel. 
  • Anodized aluminum can be used as a low-cost alternative and colored to match other higher cost metals such as stainless steel, brass, bronze, zinc, gold, and copper.

Choice of Finishes

In addition to multiple color and metallic finishing options, anodized aluminum can be textured and embossed to offer more flexibility in design options.  

Superior Adhesion Qualities. Anodized aluminum has superior adhesion qualities. While some applications require roughening of the aluminum surface for good adhesion, anodized aluminum is clean and ready for taking on adhesives without the health risks of breathing in aluminum dust particles, and is better than using grit blasting or vapor degreasing.  

Anodized aluminum is the cost-effective material of choice of many design professionals. It can be made to have a metallic appearance while its durability sustains its beauty and luster under most any condition. It has the advantages of being versatile and functional, as well as an environmentally responsible choice. While it is lightweight, it is also strong, resistant to corrosion and is easy to maintain.  It will not chip, peel, or flake.  Also, LEED points are awarded by using anodized aluminum.  

Common Applications 

Some of the common applications of anodized aluminum in architectural design include: 

  • exterior composite panels
  • honeycomb panels 
  • ceiling system designs 
  • column covers 
  • elevator panels 
  • store fronts 
  • retail store decoration 
  • commercial kitchen backsplashes 
  • gutters and rain screens  
  • roofing systems 

The possible applications for anodized aluminum are endless, whether used for structural strength and durability or for decorative finishes, Protech Anodizing is ready to work with you to make your designs a reality.  

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